Visit Saxman Native Village and experience the rich living culture of southeast Alaska’s Native Americans. Get an exclusive look at the fascinating culture of SE Alaska’s original inhabitants.

The Tlingits welcome guests in the traditional style that defines the culture of Southeast Alaska. A short video program introduces you to the culture and history of Saxman. You will then enter the Beaver Clan House where you are welcomed by song and dance by the Cape Fox Dance group. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the final dance, before moving on to the Saxman Totem Park, one of the largest gatherings of totems in the world.

Your guide will help unravel the mysteries of these towering, majestic poles. At the Village Carving Center craftsmen pass on their skill to eager apprentices. Learn how modern day carvers differ from their ancestors and learn of their current projects around the world. Fine Alaska Native art and small mementos are for sale at the Cape Fox Tours store. On the return trip, those who wish may be dropped off at the historic Creek Street District.

* Please Note

Tour is wheelchair accessible with a companion to assist. Cape Fox is the only tour operator that provides guests with the opportunity to see the Cape Fox Dancers inside the Beaver Clan House and visit with the carvers who work at Saxman. You can combine this tour with the action packed Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show.